Wood Staining Art On Dining Table (Australian Tribal Art)

Transform Old Table With Wood Staining Art

Part 3 – Time to start painting

First, Brandon is painting the black dye on the legs and underside of the table. Unfortunately, the legs won’t come off easily as the table is so old. But that is not a problem. Then he is doing the underside of the table drop down sides. Both will have at least two coats as we want the black nice and solid.

Here you can see him at work.

Once that was all done and dry, he began work on the images. He decided to do the black first, but you can do it either way round. He began by outlining the image with the black dye and working outward from there.

The above images show him working on the Snakes.

And here is the gecko and the turtle.


 Time to add some colour

Well, he added the purple. As you will see though, due to the nature of the dark wood it has come out more of a deep red. We decided we like it, so dark reddish it stayed. He gave it a second coat and it was still a little patchy in areas, again we decided we liked it. So that’s the way it is staying.

Finally the finished table

Trust me when I say, I had no idea how difficult it is to photograph such a shiny object. You will have to excuse my poor photography. And believe me when I say that the photos do not do it justice.

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