Wood Staining Art On Dining Table (Australian Tribal Art)

Transform Old Table With Wood Staining Art

After seeing some beautiful wood staining art we decided it was time to refurbish our old dinner table.

This is our old dinner table – or at least it was about three days ago.

Hopefully, we are going to transform it into a wonderful functional piece of art!!

Anyway, I have had this dinner table for about 16 years now. My beautiful nan bought it for me. Unfortunately, she is no longer with us to see the end project. I think she would approve of what we are going to do to it!

It was second hand when I got it, which just shows the quality of it as it has lasted so well. We use it every day, we have never bothered with a tablecloth (except when mum is around, got to have a tablecloth when mother is around, bless her, she is the best) and never re-varnished in all the time we have had it.

Well, we have been saying for ages that it is about time we re-varnished the old girl (the dinner table that is, not the mother, haha).

So for Christmas, I finally bought hubby a sander, and that was that. We went back to work after Christmas and forgot all about it.

That is! Until the other day when I was mooching through YouTube and came across a video of wood staining art on a dining room table. Wow! I was bowled over. I will be having a go at that. So I showed hubby the video and he decided that it would be a good project for him.


Enter The Dinner Table Project

So after a discussion with him and my sis, we decided to go for some tribal tattoo images, no shading on the first project.

Me being me, I was off, looking for the design. Within a couple of hours I came up with these:

Tribal tattoo images for wood staining art on table

Probably a bit more detailed than he was planning for a first project! But I have faith in him, I know he can do it (cheesy grin)!!!

The Design

So the next step is deciding the layout, how are these pictures actually going to look on my table, so we had a play around.

Tribal tattoo image layout for wood staining art on table

Excellent, the design is sorted.

The Colours

What about the colours? Black on white is way too harsh for my liking. 

I’ve never used wood stain before so, it is highly possible that the colour I end up with is nothing like the intended colour. I can live with that.

We experimented with a few different colours. These are a few of the best.

I love purple, so we are going for the purple with a black background and a full gloss finish.

Well, that’s all decided then.

The project is set up. Time to get on with the job at hand.

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