Rock Painting – Back To My Childhood

Rock painting – the craze going around at the moment where people paint rocks and leave them for others to find. I saw it on Facebook and thought that it is a really great idea.

I must admit it is fun to find lovely rocks when I am out walking the dogs.

Most of all though it took me back to my childhood when I would sit with my mum for hours painting rocks, we would then seal them and place them around the garden. It was lovely seeing them as I walked around the garden and great fun to do.

So, I thought why not, I need to practice my painting for my Clay Pot Crafts projects. I had a set of acrylic pens so I set to work whilst waiting for my acrylic paints to arrive in the post.

My Rock Painting Attempts

First Attempt – Very Basic

So here just for fun is the first set I had a go at with my acrylic pens. They look better varnished, but really do not photograph well if I varnished first.

Rock Painting 3-The-Creative-Patch
Fun first attempt using acrylic pens.

As you can see they weren’t brilliant, but it was fun. I found that the acrylic pens are quite dull in teh coloring. Not as rich and deep as the actual paints.

Attempt 2 – A bit More Detail

So my paints have arrived, it’s time try a bit more detail.

Not going to win artist of the year for these but still they look quite cute on my side.

Rock Painting 2-The-Creative-Patch

Attempt 3 – Silly Little Faces

Now I thought ok, let’s just paint some silly little face people.

I think these are quite effective really, they look nice bunched up together on my shelf.


Attempt 5 – Flower Pattern

These really are quite addictive. Once you paint one you just want to paint more. So I tried a flower pattern next and this is how it turned out.


Next Up – Time to try a Scene

I thought OK it’s time to try a bit of an image, so I looked for a simple one and came up with a cat in front of the moon. I think it turned out quite nice really and it just shows how quickly you can improve. I’m not a brilliant artist yet, but I’m improving. Most of all though I’ve been having fun.

Rock Painting-Cat-Moon-The-Creative-Patch

Latest – Toadstool

This is my latest stone so far. I rather like this one. 

Rock Painting -Toadstool-The-Creative-Patch


Rock painting is an easy, fun way to get started with art. You can paint them for yourself to decorate your garden. Or you could join in on the fun, paint your rocks and leave them for people to and join the rock painting groups on Facebook.

Whatever you decide…….

Have Fun……

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