Make Snuffle Mats for Your Dogs

Why Make Snuffle Mats?

Excellent question! – Why would you want to make snuffle mats? Well, you could buy one, but it’s much more fun to make them yourself!

Also,  if your dogs are anything like mine, they virtually inhale their food.

It is a known fact that this is not very healthy for your dog. So finding a better way of feeding them and getting them to eat slower is a great way to improve your dogs’ digestive health.

As well as digestion, snuffle mats are an ideal way to give your dogs some much needed mental stimulation, after all, it is natural for dogs to have to work for their food and I have to say my dogs absolutely love it.

Using a Snuffle Mat

Using a snuffle mat is easy, to begin with, you simply place food on top of the mat to encourage your dog to eat from the mat.

Then you gradually bury it deeper within the strands to make them work harder to find it.

How to Make Snuffle Mats

Step 1 – Gather Your Materials

Firstly you need to get hold of a couple of old plastic mushroom crates – you could actually use any thick flat plastic sheets with holes in them.
Mushroom crates were my choice as I got them for free.

Mushroom Crates - Make Snuffle Mats
Old plastic mushroom crates

Next, you will need to trim off the sides. for this. I used a hacksaw.
Make sure there are no sharp bits left. You may want to use a file.

Mushroom Crates - Make Snuffle Mats
Cut off the sides to leave a flat plastic sheet.

Ok, so we have the base. Next, you want the fabric. Fleece is the best fabric for this. No need to go out spending lots of money though. If you have any old fleece blankets, jumpers or tops that you no longer want just use them. Or if you have to buy some, try out the charity shops. You will find it much cheaper!

I already have some old dog blankets that I have just replaced so that is what I am using.

Fleece Fabric for Make Snuffle Mats
My Old Dog Blankets for me to make the snuffle mats.

Once you have your fleece, you will need to cut it into strips of about three-quarters of an inch wide.
You don’t have to be exact it’s just a rough guide. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be perfectly straight.

Fleece Fabric Strips for Make Snuffle Mats
My wonky strips of fleece to make snuffle mats.

So, now that you have long three-quarter-ish strips, you want to cut them to about seven to eight-inch lengths.

Fleece Fabric Strips2 for Make Snuffle Mats
My wonky eight-inch- ish strips.

Step 2 – Let’s Put It All Together

You want to begin by threading one of the eight-inch-ish strips through the plastic holes as you can see in the picture.

Start Weaving - Make Snuffle Mats
Thread your first strip into the plastic base. This will be the back.

Flip it over and this is the front.

Start Weaving2 - Make Snuffle Mats
Looking at the other side

Now tie a knot in it.

Start Weaving3 - Make Snuffle Mats
Tying the Knot

Continue adding more strips in the same way – Rinse and repeat. Making a line across the plastic base.

Start Weaving4 - Make Snuffle Mats
Add another
Start Weaving5 - Make Snuffle Mats
Two wonky tied strips

This is what it looks like on the front when you only have one row.

Start Weaving6 - Make Snuffle Mats
Carry on building a row

Here you can see the back when you have done three rows of the strips.

Start Weaving7 - Make Snuffle Mats
add more rows

As you can see the front is already looking very fluffed up.

Start Weaving8 - Make Snuffle Mats
This is the front after only three short rows

You will need to continue adding more strips in rows right up to the edge of the plastic base. When you have finished it will look like this.



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