Healthy Chicken Stew (Recipe) Perfect for Those Cold Rainy Days

Healthy Chicken Stew

This extremely tasty and healthy chicken stew is perfect for that rainy winter day. You can just see from the photograph that it is packed full of goodness.
I love this recipe as it is so easy to make, and the entire family just love it. Especially relevant about it is how easy it is to adapt to what you have indoors. Therefore, you can just add any vegetable that you have or any that are in season and it always tastes great.

Healthy Chicken Stew (recipe)
All dished up ready to eat, now doesn’t that look delicious.



Serves 3

I made this recipe for three of us, and we all love a hearty portion when it comes to a nice stew.

So, if there are more of you, just add more vegetables and liquids.


For The Meat

  • 600g Pack of Boneless Chicken
  • 1 White Onion – Medium/Large (depending on how much Onion you like)
  • Tin of Condensed Chicken Soup
  • 2 Vegetable Cubes
  • 2 Cloves fresh garlic (roughly chopped – you can use powdered)
  • 1tsp Dried English Mustard Powder (can use straight out of the jar)
  • 1tsp Olive Oil – for frying of the chicken.


Vegetables – (I love a lot of vegetables)

For this part, you can vary the vegetables as much as you like, take out the ones you don’t like and add in the ones you do – but for this size recipe, I used around 900g of mixed vegetables as listed below.

  • Sweet Potatoes 150g 
  • White Potatoes 150g 
  • Carrots 150g 
  • Butternut Squash 100g 
  • Parsnips 100g 
  • Celeriac 100g 
  • Suede 150g 


Prepare Your Vegetables

  1. First of all, peel and dice your vegetables into about 1-inch cubes.
  2. Then, rinse your vegetables.
  3. Take your stew pot and add the two crushed up vegetable cubes.
  4. Place all your vegetables in the pot and add in enough hot water to cover them. Put the lid on.
  5. Place on a high heat on the stove until it comes to the boil, then reduce and simmer till vegetables are still slightly hard.


Next Prepare Your Chicken

Once your vegetables are underway you need to prepare your chicken.

  1. Dice your chicken
  2. Also dice your onion
  3. Pour 1 tsp olive in a frying pan
  4. Add your garlic and onion and lightly fry
  5. Add your chicken, and mustard powder and fry until cooked.


Finish off

  1. Add your chicken, onion and any juice from the frying pan to your vegetables.
  2. Allow the vegetables to simmer for about thirty minutes till it is all cooked thoroughly.
  3. Add you condensed soup and heat until piping hot throughout.


Serving Suggestion

While I like to serve it with fresh rolls or french stick for dipping, it is not necessary to add anything at all.



So if you end up with lots of leftover juice from your healthy chicken stew – Don’t throw it away.
Maybe, you could use this as a base for your next stew or heat it up and drink it out of a cup – delicious.


Freezing Instructions

Allow your chicken stew to cool completely before freezing in an airtight container. But be aware that the vegetables may be a lot softer than you would prefer.
Therefore if cooking up in advance in batches, remove from the heat while the vegetables are still slightly hard.

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