Build A Corner Suite Planning

Project Corner Storage Suite

Corner Suite Planning Stage

Stage one corner suite planning. Read Project Build A Corner Storage Suite to find out why I am doing this project.

I needed to make a plan and figure out all the details.

For instance:

  • Where do I want my furniture 
  • What floor space will it take up
  • Am I having legs or wheels
  • All wood or Upholstered

I am a very visual person so I like to draw up my plans in Google SketchUp. Hopefully, soon I will make a video tutorial for this, but for now, I am focussing on the build.

However, it is not essential for you to do this. You can create your plans on paper. Obviously, I already had some idea of what I wanted, so now it is time to get a bit more detailed.

So Firstly, Where do I Want My Corner Suite To Go.

For me I want it to sit in the corner as shown in the picture below. I live in rental and have decided I want it to be completely modular and all seats and corners to be uniform. This will enable me to easily transfer it to another house when I move. However, if I owned my own home I would probably have designed a built-in suite. All of which could be built exactly the same way with a few extra calculations. 

Corner Suite Build
This is a rough idea of how I want to position the corner suite. It will be positioned in front of a cupboard under the stairs, so I will need to be able to move it to get things in and out.

What Floor Space Will It Take Up

  • What depth will the seats be?
  • How High will the seats be?
  • What depth do I want the backs to be? 
  • Do I want arms?

Legs or Wheels

I needed to think about this now as it is an important part of the planning. I have decided to go with legs. Also, I have decided to add some form of padding to the feet to stop it from damaging the flooring. Because my corner suite is going to be in smaller sections I don’t want it sliding around. And it will be easy enough to move it without wheels.

All Wood or Upholstered

Again this is important as it will not only make a major difference to my design and what materials I will use but also my costings.

Conclusion – Corner Suite Planning

I have decided that I am more interested in keeping all sections identical in size and shape. This will allow me to re-arrange at will and form it into a double bed for guests. Also, it will allow me to expand on the size if I move to a place with a larger area.


This image shows the actual positioning that I will be going for.

Corner Suite Planning
Here is an image of roughly how it should look in my room.

I have also decided not to upholster the main body. The intention is to stain the wood and add an arty design to the panels.

It will have shaped cushions that sit against the back and four-inch comfy cushions to sit on. I still haven’t made up my mind on the colours as yet.

In the next article, I will go through working out the materials required for the build. And estimating my costs.








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