2 thoughts on “Corner Sofa – not Corner Storage Suite

  • americanlamboard.com

    Made up of three sections, there’s a degree of flexibility to how you configure this curving sofa design. The corner section has a shallow arc that means the whole length of the sofa can be used for seating with comfortable legroom – not always an option in boxy corner sofas that turn at 90 degrees. The armless design and firm back make it better suited to sitting than lounging. 

    • Tina

      Yes, I totally agree with you. However, I find with shop bought furniture that they take up so much space in the room, for the small amount of seating provided.
      I am not a woodworker and have never made furniture like this before, so it really is a bit of an experiment. A challenge that I am totally up for. The quick pick of the shape is only a rough outline at this stage and doesn’t account for the foam and material work, which if I am honest I am still working out at this stage.

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