Project Build A Corner Storage Suite

Project Corner Storage Suite

After my rescue doggies chewed up my furniture (more on that later), I have decided it’s time to get some new furniture, I want a corner storage suite, so I have been looking around. I looked at Argos and looked at Amazon! Below is an example of the sort of thing I found.

Corner Sofa - not Corner Storage Suite
A lovely little corner sofa – but for £329 it does not suit my requirements. I have looked at lots and I means lots. Then decided that they are either too pricey for what they are or just plain not suited to what I want. So I decided I will build my own.

Reasons For Building My Own Corner Storage Suite?

Well, there are several reasons for making my own corner storage suite, not least the fact that looking around furniture shops I have noticed that the prices are extreme, to say the least.

Then there’s the question of what will fit in my room, colour coordinating, personal preference of seating arrangements, adaptability.

But the thing I like most is the challenge. Now I am not a woodworker, I am virtually a complete novice. I made a toy box when the children were small. It turned out pretty good. And then I made a large crafting desk. All I can say about that was it was functional. but definitely not a work of art. So this for me, this is a major challenge and one that I am definitely up for. 

So, I’ve decided to build my own furniture. There were a lot of questions before coming up with a plan, lots of ideas and lots of changing my mind on how it will be built.

Some Things To Think About

I love the idea of built-in furniture. You don’t have to move it to clean. I hate hidden dust areas gathering behind things. However, I live in a rental property. So that is a no go.

Ok so – can’t build it in. I now have to take into account that:

  • It will need to be easily movable for cleaning.
  • Fit easily through the doors if I move house.
  • If I move house, how will it fit into an unknown area?
  • Can I extend it, adapt it, rearrange it?
  • Can I change the colour scheme altogether?
  • Material – will it hold up against children and pets?

For me personally, I had another major question – our dogs.

Our beautiful Romanian Rescue Dogs. We have Indie on the left and Jayde on the right.

As you can see from the photo we have two. They are fantastic, but they weren’t always as well behaved as they are now. You see we rescued them from Romania when they were eight months old.

Indie and Jayde’s lives before coming to us consisted of being born on the streets of Romania. Rescued at about three weeks old and placed in a safe kennel, where they stayed until we decided to adopt.

At eight months old our two little girls had had no training, no home, and no real family.

Needless to say, when we went to work – the girls played at home alone, mostly with our furniture. We have gone through four sofas, two armchairs and the lino on the floor. Luckily for us, our previous furniture was either extremely cheap or free second hand.

Indie and Jayde are now much more settled. However, there is still the chance that they will chew if they are alone while I’m at work. So expensive shop build corner storage suite is definitely not an option for me.

The Design

So after a lot of thinking, planning, and changing of ideas, here is a rough outline of the corner storage suite I have finally decided to make.

Corner Storage Suite
A very basic outline of the shape and design. Will be much softer looking once I have decorated the wood and added cushions and correct colours.


  • It fits our needs.
  • Fits the space in the room where I need it to go
  • Built in sections, so easy to move around
  • Sectional easy to get through doorways
  • Box design with lift off lids for added storage
  • Plenty of space for all of us to share cuddle time
  • Spare sleeping area for guests
  • Plenty of padding to make cuddle time as cozy as can be
  • Removable, Washable Covers

The Planning Stage

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